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Signs of a New Kingdom

A record of miracle stories directly recorded from the people who experienced them.



Every year my dad asks me to go to Ethiopia to help him train pastors who are working miracles. But I think, how could I help them? I am just a writer, struggling with my own faith and trying to speak to my own people. 

But then my dad’s twin brother passed away and I felt it was time to go to Ethiopia with my dad.

And I realized I could record the miracles there and bring the stories back to help people like myself who struggle to believe.

When Jesus was asked about the miracles he was doing he said, “You will do even greater things than these.” 

This is a book of finding just that.

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...I approached reading the book with some trepidation. As I got into the book (reading it for the third time now) I was amazed that Ross had some of the same concerns as I .. "Are these people jerking our chain?"
I have purchased 5 of the books for friends involved in prayer and healing ministries...

...if you've questioned if your Christian faith is just a bunch of man made tradition (like I have), then I would really encourage you to read this book! He's collected testimonies of miracles from believers in Ethiopia to share...

Portions of the recorded interviews:

Illustrations from the text

Here is the Kickstarter video that funded the project.

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