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  • Step up and Wrestle

    I don’t know where I stand on Universalism, Sexuality, Hell, and all those hard issues of this culture Well,” my friend said, “this is what she realized: It’s when you’re wrestling with someone, that you

  • Christian Art not Family Friendly

    I’ve been thinking lately about why a lot of Christian art seems to be, well, not as good as a lot of as the cut-throat secular market does, but I think I’ve found an interesting distinction that might help us Christians do art to the peak of our ability as well. I heard recently that if you write a book and it has the words “damn” or “hell” in it, a bunch of the And God can help us make this happen.

  • God, Stop Being Stupid

    When I try to seek you, you just tell me things like, Women cannot speak in church and are saved by childbirth You tell Moses you will kill all of your own people When they made a golden calf. You say unless I sell all my possessions And choose not to go to my own father’s funeral I cannot follow All others will go to hell.

  • Sacred Tension

    And when hell seems RIDICULOUSLY cruel. They held on through the tension. We know the gift of sexuality must be held with a certain tension. It’s almost like everything that is good was made to be held in tension.

  • STORY: Getting into Heaven - Prodigal Son gone awry.

    You look like hell but no matter what you’ve done, I’m just glad to have you home.  “Well, the hair really isn’t so important but you still can’t bring drugs or guns into the house. I think she probably ran to Jesus and finally fell into her lover’s arms, his scent and spirit fulfilling

  • Abundant Dying

    And how God told her to tell an alcoholic abusive neighbor about Christ, but when she got home he himself had unexpectedly come to her door to ask her to tell him about Jesus. She has seen the scary and hellish depths the human soul is capable of feeling. I think we will tell stories in heaven. The followers of God may be raked through coals, they may have the hell ripped right out of them, they

  • *STORY: The Dirty One Was Most Holy

    It was mostly good to see each other anew, but they fell right back into their old arguments. “But they can't help it! We need to love them exactly the way they are!” “Well, I’m here to help him re-tile the bathroom and a couple other things? The pastor finally asked, “That kind of… unkempt… rotund guy… with the glasses who is... well, super I haven’t helped the homeless or checked in on my gay friends, or come here to pray or tried to fix any

  • STORY: Prayer Makes Me Worse

    One of my friends from our church, a real estate agent, is helping us list our house. Everything went down hill from there. But not only that, he said we could do it while he helps me clean out some of these rooms. He said he'd help for free! God, help me root out whatever it is in me that makes me rotten. Help me open my doors to my friend and to you, and help me clean out the rooms.

  • STORY: How to measure your faith

    The senator said he felt like maybe God would help him if he came to church. about the paralyzed man who asks his friends to drop him through a hole in a roof so that Jesus could heal they had done he said to the paralytic, your faith has forgiven you, and then later said his faith healed him as well.

  • STORY: What Really Is Holiness?

    I want to start a series of stories to help give modern understanding to ancient, churchy words. And the king's conviction was that in order to lead this kingdom well with the most wisdom, justice, Did they know and remember all of their stories that well? I got the feeling they did. I fell into depression and then addiction led to me losing my job. It seemed to me he held a secret smile.