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Why Pagans Love Mother Earth

It dawned on me why so much New Age philosophy promotes benevolence to each other and good will to mother earth, and at the same time calls on help from non-Christ spirits.

I think maybe it is because those non-Christ spirits know that Christ will someday take his people out of the current condition of this world, and leave the rest to reap the results of their own actions on each other and on this earth. So it is very much in the best interest of the spirits that we learn to get along in the current situation, and that we preserve the earth.

However, when the creator removes his people, and removes his hand from the old world he created, and the source of its life ceases to pour that life into the old earth, it begins a slow wind-down process.

And as the resources become thinner and thinner, the good will is starved down to survival-driven actions. And when there is scarcity those who do not fight to survive, will not survive. And that eat-or-be-eaten type of mentality, shared by both the remaining humans and the pagan gods confined to earth (which Christians assume are fallen angels) makes a society that looks a lot like hell. And then as physical bodies die, their spirits are released into the spiritual realm on earth. But there is a shortage of God’s goodness which feeds spirits with hope and now even the spirits experience scarcity. And eventually even as the sun gets cold, they are forced to move toward the warmth in the middle of the earth, which begins to look like Dante’s steamy renditions, if you put any stock in old fashioned images like that.

I bet some of you have objections to this idea. I TOTALLY that taking care of the earth right now is a huge mandate from God; we must be good stewards of everything God puts into our care. But I don't think it is not the current earth that will remain when all is made new. It is our spirits, and those are even more important to preserve than the earth.

Maybe, if you’re like me you really like the idea of Jesus re-MAKING the old earth. And I wonder if maybe it still can happen. Maybe it will happen right on top of the old earth as it is winding down. What I mean is that maybe God re-enlivens it in a new dimension of existence, defined by a different type of material. And maybe the new type of transcendent spiritual material is a type that creatures of the old earth can only feel, invisible like gravity, even as it happens all around them. And those in the new re-made dimension can only barely see the old, if they look closely. Because maybe we will be seeing with new eyes that can see the true, vast distance between atoms of the old world. The old world will seem so sparse and hollow that it will barely be a consideration as it moves around us like a breeze. And perhaps as the elements of the old earth break down, and the atoms eventually hit absolute zero and collapse in on themselves, they, in a sense, become the soil from which the essence of the new, far more dense life of new earth grows. Made of a new substance, filled with a new type of God-animated particles, not sparse and separated by vast distances anymore, but close and connected, touching each other in a beautiful woven fabric of material and energy, individuals part of a beautiful system, a body of divine life, from bottom to brim.

I know. I’m weird. But it’s kinda fun to think about.

Raw Spoon, 10-25-16

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