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  • Why Suffering? (part 1)

    What makes this suffering even more unfair is that it was her own sacrificial love that ruined her. So why all this suffering for a person that just doesn’t deserve the pain? What if suffering fades like grasses in the fields but acts of love are eternal, like diamonds.  Suffering is temporary, it can only last as long as a lifetime.  So, why suffering?

  • Why Suffering? (part 2)

    Would we consider suffering a good gift instead of a reason to rebel against our trainer?

  • Maximum Suffering

    The most suffering that can be felt in the whole existence of the world for all of time can be no more than the amount that one person can feel at one moment.

  • Theology of Suffering

    I think the problem we have with brutal suffering allowed by a good God starts with a wrong assumption. How epic could the story be if there was no deep suffering to be redeemed? And all suffering is a nearing to that freedom. Is this not God’s argument to the man who knew the most suffering? God says to Job, “Who are you to say I am wrong to let you endure suffering?

  • Violence Solves Suffering

    She said with all the bitterness and frustration that had been building up within her, “Because, there is so much suffering! Why would a good God allow suffering?” We ask why is there so much suffering. So, as I’m thinking, it seems the only way to remove the suffering would be to remove the free wills that have caused it.

  • Guest Post: Lent and Suffering and Hope

    She shares how she has found hope in suffering, a suffering highlighted by this lenten season. 40 Days to Hope Have you ever had that “thing” you just can’t seem to push through?

  • What COVID 2020 looked like (for future generations)

    Not because the person is suffering, but because that person is alone.

  • Fodder for God

    Maybe, in the end we are either the ones who work through our suffering for the ultimate purpose of uniting us to God, or we are part of the fodder, the suffering, the pain that has been consumed for that purpose.

  • God's Hands Tied

    Sometimes I ask, if God is all-powerful why doesn’t He just come down and fix the suffering. But then I think, what IS causing most of the suffering in the world?

  • Poem: To Desire

    God, I desire not to play church Nor to make others think I am good Nor to do what I think Will draw them to you But I desire to be so in love with you That I will do anything to be near you That I will love others because it makes me beautiful to you that I will invite suffering when I will find you there that I will hang out by your streams just to get a glimpse of you that I will cry when I have not sensed you near and will seek after you for hours to know just one of your thoughts– please, for one that is close to your heart Raw Spoon  |  (303) 359-4232

"I can't tell you how moved I was with what you did. Your demeanor, skill, the videos, everything from the slight movements, and the cadence. It was so amazing."

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