Do Your Thing but Do it Goodly

We’ve been talking a lot about calling at seminary. And I’ve been thinking about how we each feel drawn to different things. It seems weird that some would be called to preaching, and others be drawn to float in an innertube down a river drinking beer. I mean to each his own. And who am I to judge why each man has different motivations within him.

But I think I know an answer.

God has called us to be passionate about different things. So the thing does not matter as much as how we do it. If I love floating down a river in an innertube drinking a beer, I should probably make sure I’m loving on my friends and helping the needy while in the river. And really appreciating that beautiful nature!

And If I’m called to be a preacher, I better be careful not to be doing it to gain power over people, and I must use whatever power it does give me as a way to lift up the poor.

Raw Spoon, 4-4-17


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