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Is Survival of the Fittest Truest?

I was thinking about how our sin, really is us living out of survival of the fittest. When we fail to be patient with someone who has some issues, or reply with anger to someone who hurts us, we may be living out of our evolutionarily bred responses. If everybody has to put aside their own hungers to make room for others, we each become weaker, evolutionarily. And if everyone did that, though we wouldn’t have a ton of good will being spread around, most would be stronger because of it, and the weaker ones would die off. Our species would survive the best if we acted out of our animalistic responses.

So I ask myself, what is sin? Isn’t it just the way our species was built to survive? Can you blame us for acting that way?

And yet people do.

And why do movies and songs and stories that compel us preach a sort of self sacrifice? And love for the needy? Why is that so compelling if this world and it’s systems are all there is?

Maybe there really is something operating behind the scenes of this world and its systems.

Raw Spoon, 7-28-16



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