Owning My Time

The last time i traveled home i found myself getting impatient with my 7- and 9-year old brothers because they wanted to spend all their time with me. This should be a flattering problem, right? Well, I got impatient because i felt like they were taking away my vacation time. I had other stuff I wanted to get done and i was constantly trying to not be upset about it.

When I went home this time I decided that from 10am to 10pm my time would be my family’s.

I have been so much happier and it is so much more fun to love them all when I don’t hold onto my time like I own it. Plus, somehow i seem to get more accomplished.

I find that i get frustrated with life when I believe that my time is my own. Life becomes a lot more enjoyable when I trust God to bring each thing to me in the right time, and pay all my attention to whatever and whoever God has given me to share each moment with.

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