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Shooting Grows Love from Bullet Holes

Dayton. El Paso. Aurora. Charleston. Columbine. So many more.

In the first few centuries when plagues broke out and people were fleeing cities, Christians headed into the cities, toward the carnage to rescue the dying.

When ancient Rome threw their unwanted babies out to die, the Christians rescued them.

Archibishop Desmond Tutu stopped the bloodbath of revenge by leading South Africa in mass forgiveness after one tribe massacred another.

It takes something different. And I know many people feel a lot of anger, shock, fear, sadness, and horror. And justifiably so. It’s a very dark and heavy blanket on us. This is an epidemic, like the plague. So how do we respond?

This piece of art is NOT a statement about gun rights or politics. It’s about something different.

Raw Spoon (2019?? after a shooting)

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