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Virgin Forever

What’s the big deal about being a virgin until I get married? It’s so hard, so counter-cultural and about as many good things as bad come out of it, it seems. So, why choose not to have sex? Whether I was a virgin or not it’s just like one tiny line on my spiritual record, right?

And what if it just happens once. or twice. After all, I am just human.

But something occurred to me today. The struggle will fade. What will never be changed is if I stayed a virgin or if i didn’t. That one little line on my record. The stuff attaches to my name.

And that’s the same with everything. What we do on this world, regardless of how much of a struggle it was to do it, will be FOREVER attached to our name.

We can be forever known as someone who died for our faith, hosted foster children, or gave up our job to take care of our dying mother. Or we can forever be the guy who cheated on his girlfriend, left his family, or even just cheated on my taxes… So, maybe we should forget about how much struggle each decision will help us avoid and start thinking about, after this temporary world fades, what do we want to be on our name for the rest of forever. What type of people do we want to be.

We ARE just human. That’s all we’re given. One human life that we carry with us for eternity.

Do what you will with it.

Raw Spoon

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