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Animals on Cruise Ships

I think one of the reasons I choose to believe in this invisible God and unseen heaven is because in it, we just might be more.

It’s like we’re standing on the dock choosing between two cruise ships. One of them promises its destination is a place where we will be something bigger than we are now, and has a bunch of programs on board to prepare us for that place. And the other ship says it IS the destination.

And if you look at both ships, they both are really good.

If I understand rightly, Science states that we only have the potential to become what this human body limits us to become- a highly advanced animal that is conditioned by its surroundings, minimizes its discomfort, bonds with others to benefit the species, and if all of our immediate needs are taken care of, to benefit the planet as well. And when we’ve spent our lives doing these things our journey is done and we become dust. The goal is to be happy and live in peace until we die.

That stuff is good. But Christians say that God has built that stuff into us, plus some other interesting features. We’ve been told that we will start to transcend this body, in intuition and effect, if we just let Him rearrange a few things on our agenda. Like a wild dog just won’t become tame without a human, we can’t become more without God.

And in his plan our relationships are so much more than just ways to propagate the species. It seems He’s set it up so that relationships and community are not only meant to give us joy, and sharpen us, but also give us a role in a story that is bigger than time.

Basically we believe our ship has a clever captain who has installed lots of classrooms and gyms to get us ready. He has orchestrated the friendships we make here to grow into forever. And he helps us send messages back and forth to the great architect, who designed the ship, and us, and who is building our new homes on the distant shore.  

We don’t get as many sex partners on this trip but we still get all the great sunsets, dips in the hot tub, parties and some of the martinis. It’s fun, we work hard, and there is a lot of hope on this ship.

And even if all this about God is untrue, this posture of pursuing what this voice inside has asked of me has grown me to become more than I would be without it. It’s like I’m seeing things in me that are more than I’d have made for myself. I feel like more than just a mere animal.

And the hope that it has born within me is one of my most beautiful possessions. I hold it close.

Even if the ship never arrives, for me, at least, I’m still really glad I got on board. I love this ship.

Raw Spoon



These BLOGS are usually inspired by messages I (or friends) feel we have heard from God. This is the nature of our God. Listen for how he may be speaking to you.

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