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Better Story, not Better People

I was thinking how some people are born that seem destined to drain society instead of add to it. And i ask myself “what point does that have?” Why would god bring people into the world that will bring more work, more burden, more pain.

I know that maybe it isn’t god that makes people burdensome, it is his gift of free will that we have abused that makes some that way, but maybe god DOES think them useful to his purpose.

What if God meant for better people, but he knows that with burdensome people comes a better story. And in the end when all is settled and we look back, maybe a story of redemption from deep pain that shows how forgiving, loving, and just is our king, and showed the compassion in people who chose to sacrifice for them, is ultimately a better story than one where perfect people always do the right thing. I don't know about god, and i know there’s an awful lot at stake, but i like those stories a lot better.

Raw Spoon

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These BLOGS are usually inspired by messages I (or friends) feel we have heard from God. This is the nature of our God. Listen for how he may be speaking to you.

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