China 4: Body Language Prayer

There was a strange thing about being in China- it seemed like there was a wall between God and Me.  It took so much effort to offer a prayer to him.  I DON’T KNOW WHY!

It was a challenge to me also because it seemed the image of God i had built in my head was being swallowed up.  Being somewhere so new and foreign made me think.  Gosh, God doesn’t really fit into the little mold i had built for him in my head.  How do I speak to him now?

Though I did NOT do well with verbal prayer on the trip i started thinking about how everything in my life was somehow a communication with God.  A second look at a busty girl was telling him something.  I didn’t have to be addressing him to be communicating with him.

So what can we learn about this silly little entry? That God is a lot bigger than English or Mandarin or anything in my tiny head.  He talks to us by putting events and people before us.  And we communicate with him by how we act in those situations.  What are we telling him with everything that we think say and do?

Raw Spoon


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