Christianity Looking like Everyone Else

Updated: May 1, 2019

It’s easy to look at Christians who are living very similar to the rest of the world and ask, “If this is Christianity how is there anything true about the spirit that changes people?” But I think looking at the majority of people who call themselves Christians isn’t the right way to identify Christians. And it’s also not the right way to determine if God exists.

If I just told people that I work for Chick-fil-A and started handing out chicken sandwiches that I made in my backyard that wouldn’t mean Chick-fil-A wasn’t a legit company or that their real employees actually are getting their instructions from the real headquarters.

I’ve seen a few examples of people who call themselves Christians and actually manage their lives to match that. They’re hard to find, and people usually consider them as going too far. But I think that’s just the sign that they are doing things by their convictions, not what the world wants of them.

Some days I wonder how far away I am from that.

Raw Spoon, 9-26-17


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