I saw this video of this old couple doing these fantastic swing dancing moves. Like the guy was swinging the woman around and stuff like helping her dip but catching her by only her neck. I’m pretty sure she would have broken a hip if he had missed.

But then I thought that I wouldn’t have felt so amazed if it were just a young, spandexed couple whose job it was to dance.

I was talking to a friend who mentioned he met this 32 year old who was already like a billionaire. And my friend said just by being in his presence, even if the guy was totally cool and nice, my friend felt less about himself. “Why am I so far behind this guy with what I’ve done?”

And not that God judges us on our dancing or how much money we make, but as it regards to what he has called us to do, I think he sees us like I see that dancing couple.

I don’t think we should compare ourselves to what others have accomplished, but instead compare ourselves in regards to what they have accomplished from what they’ve been given.

We each have been given different talents, opportunities, and abilities and I don’t think God holds us to the same standard as folks who have been differently abled. If you fail where others have succeeded, do not immediately despair.

Ask yourself if you did the best you could do knowing what you knew. Then note the ways you know better now, so that the next time you will be able to accomplish more because you have gained more.

Raw Spoon, 10-12-17



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