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Go up the creek without a paddle

3 minutes Bible study:

In Mark 8 Jesus feeds four thousand people with a few loaves and fish. As I read the surrounding verses this time, I realized God might be encouraging us to have a follow-God-without-a-backup-plan type of faith.

The first clue to this is that it says the people following him were already so far out that even if they headed home now they would collapse from hunger along the way. These are the folks that Jesus provides for with a miracle.

But then in the very next section the important teacher/leader guys ask him for a sign to prove he's legit (I mean, didn't you guys hear that Jesus just fed 4000 people like a moment ago?) Jesus says to them I won't give you any such sign. For those looking for proof that Jesus is a safe choice before they follow him Jesus gives none.

And then these two worlds clash together to show someone who's in between. It's the disciples. They are in a boat and realize they didn't bring enough bread. Jesus says, "Be careful of the yeast of the Pharisees and Herod." Which sounds like to me he sees that the disciples are starting to worry again about having enough food and wants to help them avoid thinking like the rest of the world thinks (the safe religious systems and the practical government). Unfortunately they instead start to question each other about why didn't they bring enough food.

Disciple fail.

How can I step out in faith today? Maybe I can pray a little even when the world says I need to go be productive. Maybe I can go out on a limb and ask if I can pray for the neighbor who is complaining about back pain. Maybe it's simply resting when money seems low because I've done all God has asked me to do and now I must wait on Him.

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