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God's Sweet iMac

I think that for the 8 hours you are at work each day, your company owns you. You agree do what the CEO says, because he pays your livelihood.  That’s the deal. 

I looked around my set of cubicles today at work. The other three workers in my section were working on their portfolio, designing a t-shirt and designing a car for school. None of them were working! They were using the company computers during company hours, to pursue their own goals!

But they can continue doing those things because no one can see their computer screens except each other. They think that as long as they meet their deadlines, and work at least as much as their coworkers do, then at least they won’t get fired. 

But I wondered, what if the company’s computer tech was monitoring everything we were doing and reported that to the president of the company each day. Would I change my habits? What if every webpage I visit and every forward I read was shown on the big screen at the next company-wide meeting. Would anyone object to me deserving to be fired (apart from knowing that they do the same thing)? 

Then I realized that this is a good analogy for the kingdom of God.

We do just enough to go to heaven. We look around at each other and say, I go to church more than the majority of people, and I help people when I can. I don’t kill or rape people. And we continue to do what we want to do on the time God has given us. But we are always on the clock.  We gave our life to him.  He owns us 24 hours of the day. 

And we sold ourselves out to him because we believe that his company’s mission is to ultimately love and mature his employees.(and also because he decides the fate of the world)

But what if God’s got a sweet iMac on the network that shows him what we do all the time?  Although God has given me every breath I breathe, how many hours out of my day do I pray, read the Bible, help others, or even just choose not to sin?

Oops, my boss just walked by.  I gotta sign off.

Raw Spoon

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