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He Hates His Electric Car

A friend of mine got an electric car and he hates it.

He has a very active lifestyle and wants to travel all over the city (and sometimes into the mountains) but a lot of times his car won’t have the juice to go everywhere.

I’m the same way. But he’s doing more good for the world than me; I have a gas car. I don’t think I could switch over without changing some major things.

I realized that if I wanted to have an electric car as my only car, I cant expect it to conform to my lifestyle. If I want to decrease carbon emissions (and maybe save the world) I have to change my lifestyle to fit the car. Perhaps this means focusing on the relationships in my own neighborhood, planning out my days around when I will need a recharge, and building friendships that rely on each other when we’re in need.

And I realized, I think Christianity is like this. We cant just get ‘a Christianity’ and expect it to fit into our lifestyle. Maybe when we buy into it we have to be willing to let it change the way we live. If we want to change the world, we have to give up some of the ways we like to do things, perhaps live in tighter community, and focus on the interaction with the people God puts around us. And we need to go back to the source often to get a recharge, because we believe that’s really the sustainable fuel that the human spiritual machine was built to run on.

I have a lot to learn.

Raw Spoon 1-21-16

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