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Is the Devil Real

I think there’s enough weird stuff in this world to make me think there is some sort of business happening in a “spiritual realm.” I guess I would call anything that happens which we don’t yet have scientific instruments to validate, as something in the “spiritual realm.” Like sensing ghosts, seeing angels, getting weird intuitions, shakras, fortune tellers, out of body experiences, dreams of portend, and miracles (plenty of which I recorded in this book here). Stuff like that.

And I figure that if there is a spiritual realm, it’s probably full of things with personalities. That’s because pretty much all those things that can’t be sensed by scientific instruments have to do with a personality moving or speaking or pushing humans in some direction.

So that means if there are personalities, they probably have wills. And the thing with wills is that they can choose who they want to serve. And you could fit who they serve into two categories. Those who serve the creator, and those who serve someone other than the creator. Most of those who don’t serve their creator would serve themselves, and do what they think would bring themselves most pleasure, or power which they could use to get pleasure.

So a hierarchy of power would be established by the strongest of the spiritual beings not serving God, and he would appoint others to keep his kingdom in order, each one jockeying for power over what they can get in that kingdom. And that big wig boss guy is probably who we would call the devil.

But then why do we call him so dang evil if he’s just like any of us, trying to get what we want?

Well, if he wanted to develop a kingdom that would rival God’s, he would want to populate it with the most glorious of God’s creatures, humans (which would also be major dig against his arch-rival anyway).

So, this “Devil” guy, and all the forces he can organize work to make humans choose their own will so they will not be on God’s team, like these spiritual beings have chosen their own will. But when these weaker, newer human spirits graduate from the physical life they would find themselves at the bottom of the totem pole in a kingdom full of power-hungry, self-serving powerhouses, that could totally rock us to get what they want. Nothing holding them back.

So that’s why we could say the devil is kinda bad. He doesn’t have our best in mind.

I think God does, but he says we have to choose to serve him in order for him to be able to do his good work in us.

Raw Spoon, 3-14-17

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