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Mormonism and Son of God

I’ve been looking into the beliefs of Mormonism because I’m meeting with some Mormon missionaries. It’s pretty interesting! One of the things Mormons believe is that Jesus was born to God like a son would be born to us.

But as Protestant Christians we believe that Jesus was eternal with the Father. But if you call someone your son it sure sounds like the son was born to the daddy, like I mean we know sons to have been created at a specific time and didn’t exist before.

But I think I figured out tonight why it’s so important to call Jesus the Son of God and yet why it’s so important he’s still eternally God.

It’s because Jesus also calls himself the “Son of Man.”

And I don’t think it’s the being born part that is the important part of him being the son of these things. I think it is just the best way to say that he is both God and human. Like, if your mom was Italian, and your dad was Jamaican, you’d be both Jamaican and Italian. You’d have both natures within you! Within every one of your cells you are what your mom is, and you are what your dad is. You are a product of both. Jesus is like, look, I am you, mankind, and I am wholly God as well.

So the significant part of Jesus calling himself the son of God is not that he was born at one time from the Father, but only makes sense when he says he is also simultaneously the Son of man. He knows what it’s like to be both. And Son is just the closest thing he can say that shows us he is of both natures. He can be eternally God and man, and in fact an inheritor of both.

Raw Spoon, 10-23-17


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