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Relationship is also about Obedience

Christianity in the era I was raised has been soft and happy. It’s okay if you sin; what’s important is relationship. 

I’ve sinned in some sobering ways lately, and this morning I read the line in Matthew when Jesus says, “Not everyone who says ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only he who does the will of my Father”. 

Jeez! That’s harsh!!

But I remembered that relationship isn't always about just how many times I’ve had a coffee date with God in the last month. (I mean that’s how I maintain my other relationships). 

But it’s also honoring someone in my actions. It isn’t often that a buddy asks me to do something because I owe him or not do something that would really hurt him. But if he did, and I didn't do it, would I be able to march right up, hug him and say, “yo bro, we’re cool, right?” And continue right back where we were?

I’m afraid I’ve grown up in a Christianity that said that’s just fine. He’ll always take you back.

And I assume God will, because he’s the one in the relationship who’s a pro at forgiving but if we’re constantly disobeying or just totally neglecting stuff he’s asked us to do, it makes me wonder if that’s any relationship at all.

Dang. I need to change some stuff I think. 

Raw Spoon, 9-1-17

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