Sitcom not in Vain

Updated: Jun 14, 2019

It seems this battle never ends.

Again today, physical, sexual, and emotional foes have started pounding on my gates and so I pray for help and begin to do battle with them again.

This is like a ridiculous old school sitcom where the oblivious characters live basically the same drama over and over again, every episode, every season, never growing up.

I noticed that my battles seem to take away my confidence, my brainpower, my hobbies, my easy interactions with people. My life seems like it would be a pretty pathetic show in all the ways I usually think make life fun to watch.

Why God have you done this to me?

But then I remembered what my friend Daniel said a few days ago when I, in my broken depression, asked him why he values me as a friend. He had said because “you understand brokenness, and that helps you love people better.” And as his words chimed in my head I realized that I am not battling in vain.

Because my inner skirmishes have haunted me so much of my life I may not be able to talk football, or cars which most guys find exciting, but if there be a lonely soul, God has given me some tools to find them, and partner with them, where we can fight for each other’s survival.

So what we can learn from this is that God uses my brokenness, and yours to fight for his beloved. So maybe all the struggles in our little me-show, it turns out, are not in vain. They may be exactly what angels like to watch on the edge of their seats in heaven.

Raw Spoon


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