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STORY: Augmented Spiritual Reality

By 2028, Meta (formerly Facebook) had released a series of steadily improving Augmented Reality goggles and associated software that showed the actual physical reality overlaid with the the projected realities of the internet.

However, in July of 2028 one of their scientists discovered a way to view the spiritual world through these goggles as well. It had something to do with sensing a certain wavelength of electrical activity from the brain and feeding it back through the goggles, observing the resulting electrical brain response, and repeating this loop. It took about 112 loops of this to magnify the spiritual world enough to be seen.

As you can assume, this changed a lot.

Sarah Winters prayed on her bed. "Jesus, please come." People had learned that the name of Jesus was like dialing 911. "There is an enemy on my dad. Please help us!"

And within a minute or two, a couple of angels were there with her. Hazy men in uniforms and swords. They were like the spiritual ambulance that came in when someone cried out. Sarah looked up to them and continued to pray. "There's an enemy I think, that has made friends with my dad. He's turned off spiritual vision on the goggles because he doesn't want to feel bad about doing what he's doing."

Sarah opened the door and they went behind her. Her father was standing over a pan waiting for eggs to fry. He had his goggles on and was looking as if someone was sitting on the counter next to him. Strange sexual noises were coming from his earpiece. He didn't look away as he said, "Sarah, hunny, why don't you stay in your room. I can bring you some food if you'll stay in there."

"Dad, I know what you're doing on there and it's not good. You have to stop. Those girls aren't even old enough."

"Shutup, Sarah. Yes they are. And you're not old enough to understand. Remember, you thought it was gross when your mom and I kissed."

"No dad, it's even against the law."

"No it's not. You don't know what I'm doing. And not against the law in woke countries especially."

Five years ago none of this would have been part of her father's life. She glanced behind her to make sure the men were still with her and she walked far enough to see around the counter. She could see the little sexual impish figure hanging about her father's legs, like a sexualized gollum from Lord of the Rings. She shuddered and recoiled with a loud, commanding, "In the name of Jesus, let him free!!"

It definitely frightened the imp, but it looked up to, and held on tighter to, her dad. He had no intention of pushing it away. Sarah looked behind her and the men were poised as if waiting for something.

"Sarah! What are you doing? You know I do my own thing now." He still didn't look away from the counter. He mixed the eggs every now and then.

The new AR visualization of the spiritual world removed doubt of its existence, so the decision to follow or not became the new division. There was no more question of if you believed in it. It was now about if you followed your own will or God's.

She turned to the angels, "Help me! In the name of Jesus!"

They looked at her sorrowfully and one of them said, "That name has all power indeed. But I'm sorry, if he doesn't want to be free we can't do anything until the new kingdom rules the land."

Sarah looked back at her father who was still watching what was happening on the counter in front of only his eyes. The little imp smiled at her with an evil smile.


How would life be different if we could see the spiritual world? What would we do differently?

Raw Spoon, 1-28-2022

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