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STORY: Powerful Introductions

Rob's heart was pounding. He was just a stage tech but he found himself at the refreshment table talking to the main actor on their film set of the newest Marvel movie.

Why did this have to be the very next person he introduced himself to after their men's group made a resolution to share their faith with the next person they met. Rob had hatched a technique that he thought would let him share his faith in a natural way.

"You really nailed that ropes scene."

The actor looked at him and smiled. "Thanks! Hey I've seen you around the set. What's your name?"

"I'm Rob." They bumped fists.

"Wanna come sit with me while we eat?"

"Yes please!" Rob was honored and followed him outside the doors to a curb in the sun.

As they sat, Rob asked, "So what's your Passion?"

The actor looked at him with surprise.

Rob replied with a smile, "I like to really get at the root of people. Not waste any time."

"Oh man, we need more people like you out in LA. Thanks for asking, uh, Rob, was it?"

Rob nodded.

"Man, well, I don't tell too many people this but I do music on the side. Just mixing electronica beats."

"Oh very cool. Is it something I can follow?"

"Sure, yeah it's on Band Camp under 'Shin Flints'"

"Cool name. I'll pull it up now so I can check it out later." Rob started to pull it up on his phone.

Then the actor said, "What about you?" He smiled, entertained at the new question. "What's your passion?"

Rob looked up, smiled, clicked follow on Band Camp and looked back up at the actor in the eye. He had designed the intro to lead to this opportunity. "I've been doing these interviews of the homeless."

"Oh yeah?" The actor looked intrigued. "Like what do you ask them?"

"Just about their lives. Those guys have been through so much and have a ton to teach us. So you know, when they ask me for money I'll either buy them lunch as they tell me their story or I'll give them ten bucks to tell it to me."

"That's great. You're paying them for a service instead of just treating them as a charity case. How'd you get that idea?"

Now Rob really smiled and he felt a deep peace settle over him as he explained. "You know, I hit a really dark time a few years ago. Drugs and depression and I got divorced. But after a lot of searching and introspection, I feel like God brought me to a place where I saw everything as a gift. And as I got healthier, I realized I have a responsibility to give out of my abundance to those who have less than me. And I live in a part of town where there is a lot of need, so I started a blog where I post these homeless interviews to honor them and share their wisdom with the world."

"Wow, that's really great." There was a pause as the actor thought. Then he glanced at his smart watch and said, "Shoot I have to get back in there. I hope we can talk more soon, uh, Rob."

"Me too." Rob said as he was left alone on the curb peeling open the mayonnaise for his sandwich. He smiled and prayed, "I'm not sure if I scared him off, Lord. But I did it."


When he brought this story to his men's group, they all marveled and suggested it at least planted a seed. And each of them brought their stories. It was interesting how most of them had the same idea: to say something early on in a new conversation that could lead to them being able to share their history with God. And it had led several to interesting conversations.


What is a question or method you could set in place when meeting people that would allow you to speak about your story with God? Or how can it introduce vulnerability in a way that makes it a safe place to talk about deepest motivations and deepest hopes?

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These BLOGS are usually inspired by messages I (or friends) feel we have heard from God. This is the nature of our God. Listen for how he may be speaking to you.

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