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The Meaning of Life is Choice

I was trying to figure out what is the meaning of life. And after looking at all the clues the one thing I can conclude is that no one has given us the answer. The only answer to the question of what is the meaning of life, is that we have not been told what is true.

So, is that maybe the answer?

If we aren’t told the meaning of life, maybe that is God’s way of tasking us to choose if we want to believe in Him. What if the meaning of life is less about proving what is analytically true about the world, and more about our choice to move toward a meaning? Or toward a being that gives us meaning.

For example, maybe God has made the knowledge of Christ prevalent enough, and he’s made his resurrection feasible enough, and he’s made the story that showed what he was like widespread enough that we can choose whether or not we want Him.

And maybe this is God’s way of letting people not believe in Him who don’t want to be with Him.

I don’t think science or philosophy will ever land on one truth for the meaning of life.  So if I am waiting for science or philosophy to prove one meaning in life I may be waiting until I die. All that I’m responsible for is my choice. We haven’t been told what to do, but we’ve been given enough to start movement in one direction.

If we want to.


And maybe this also gives us the freedom to get it wrong. But that is good because maybe the meaning is about trying to get closer. Meaning is not a static, cold, scientific law about truth. It is a warm and dynamic, steadily increasing relationship with a being that wants us to choose Him. Just like you or I.

And an extra good part about choosing Christ as our meaning, is that we have already been chosen by Him.

Raw Spoon, 8-23-17

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