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The Next Movement in Science


It’s a term I’ve started using to refer to the sciences we have not yet discovered. The sciences that describe the things we observe as humans, but which we don’t have the instruments yet to detect in labs.

Namely the stuff that people have experienced for millienia but have traditionally called ‘spirituality.’

Do we yet have scientific explanations for things like healing miracles, Ouija boards, ghost sightings, out of body experiences, even for chi and karma? What about for the strong sense we have for themes like love, righteousness, and justice, despite their minimal benefit to survival of the fittest? A lot of this stuff is well documented by otherwise trustworthy people.

One hypothesis is that the stories were imagined or are lies. But I bet someone you know who is sane and somewhat trustworthy that can attest to some experience like this. So maybe some of us have sensors within our body that our scientific instruments don’t yet have? As we unwrap neurology more, maybe we’ll unwrap the sensors from our minds and someday be able to reproduce them with metal, plastic and electricity.

But until then, I think science has begun to tread on what have traditionally been considered spiritual grounds. Physics has developed ideas like The God particle, and has detected vast amount of Dark Matter (which is invisible in all ways except by the gravity it puts on everything else). They’ve discovered that light becomes either a wave or a particle, depending on what you have ‘faith’ that it is. Einstein developed relativity which tells us that speed can bend time, which means seven days as seen from the center of the expanding universe could really be billions of years from the vantage point of an earth speeding away from it (could a 7 day creation be a scientific explanation?).

I went to rural Ethiopia last fall and recorded stories of community shaking miracles. Over there it seems they run rampant. I put those stories into this book, Signs of a New Kingdom. The stories included observations that, if they are really true, I don’t know how to explain them with traditional science. I mean, multiple times they had tied a body up or reported it was cold before it came back to life.

So then I ask myself, shouldn’t it be the same forces at work on this side of the world? Why then do we not as often observe similar things over here? And why haven’t we proven them with science?

Here is one explanation. Maybe it is the effect of beings with an intelligence and personality like the rest of us in the animal kingdom. Maybe they prefer not to let themselves be nailed down as predictably reproducible by science. Maybe that is because this scientific culture gives them a veil beneath which to subtly move around unobjected.

Maybe there is a science of spiritual biology, sociology, even a sort of remnant spiritual archaeology to be explored in those weightless realms? Maybe the idea of considering that realm as part of science is one step closer to the unifying theory of everything Einstein searched for. At least it would unite science and spirituality. That would be convenient.

And in that realm maybe there are beings more powerful than us skin-bound humans. Maybe even creators like we are creators. And maybe there is a being of a whole different type, that can create from nothing. That would explain the big bang and some parts of string theory (think of all matter existing as little wires vibrating at unique frequencies, as if it were the effect of a really big voice.)

And if we were to consider that it’s probably there, and that there might be a powerful creator who placed in us those things like Love and Justice, and who has big control of our destiny, how would it effect how we treat it, ourselves, and each other?

I think you get my point. I just want to say that if we believe in only science and have not come up with a scientific explanation for spiritual observations throughout the existence of mankind, maybe we can incorporate it into our science.

If we need a new word to distinguish it from the sciences that we currently have the instruments to detect, feel free to call it superscience with me.

Raw Spoon, 12-15-15


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