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Wanting Our Harm

I’ve often wondered why evil would exist. A more appropriate model seemed to be that everyone is doing what brings them survival, and if they have the luxury, to do what brings them pleasure. Sometimes that ends up hurting people and is what we sometimes call evil.

So, I’ve been struggling with the psalms because David is so adamant about eternal revenge on his enemies. Even when I pictured his enemies as beings in the spiritual realm I asked myself why would someone want harm to fall on me so adamantly that I shouldn’t even want their redemption.

And then I thought this: what if Satan’s forces still believe that they can win the final battle and every time they can pull someone away from God’s lineup it increases their chances. And even if they do know they will get banished to hell forever, it dawned on me, they just might be keen to make slaves out of weaker, lesser beings. And I bet they think humans would make excellent minions to serve them.

So, after I pictured that, and realized that they really want nothing good for me, in fact they are fighting to take away my salvation, and perhaps even are looking to make me their slave in hell, it scared the crap out of me and I don’t mind saying I want them to be destroyed and punished.

And the same may be true with some humans, who absolutely want no god for others besides themselves and what they can get out of them.

I guess then we have to ask ourselves, when it comes down to it, do WE want what is best for others, even if it means less for us?

Raw Spoon, 2-1-13

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