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What could Sacred Mean in Modern Terms

I go for these walks around my neighborhood. Yesterday I passed a car running in one of the driveways; I could hear the radio blaring inside. Don’t ask me why, but some salacious story I had heard came to mind.

It was an affair that was happening while the husband was in the driveway listening to his radio program. And for whatever reason I wondered what it would be like if I were the good man in my car, and my radio show ended a little early. What would it be like if I were to walk into my house and find a naked man jump off of my naked wife. Their private parts having just been intimately intertwined.

And suddenly in that moment, when I thought about the precious covenant and promise I shared with my wife, and how it was all symbolized by the purity of our marriage bed, and how her private parts were meant for only my private parts, I realized what SACRED meant. Because what had just happened felt like sacrilege, and those places on her body suddenly felt very desecrated and defiled.

In the Old Testament the most sacred place in our midst (as God’s bride) was the in the temple, called the Holy of Holies, and it was invaded and destroyed by other takers. But then when Jesus came, God said I will make my throne, where the most intimate parts of me will reside, inside each of you. He has given each of our bodies a most intimate place for him, our husband, to dwell and rejoice in us.

But we so quickly dethrone the king of the world.

Because we do not realize how sacred we are meant to be. We do not know how to hold God within us.


And then I realized if I put myself in the other man’s shoes, and if the husband were a very strong man with a gun or a bat, or what if instead it were her father that had walked in on me raping her, I would learn another old fashioned concept quickly. Holy Fear.

That is how much God hates the things that desecrate his children. We are meant to be a good type of sacred to him, and that is a good type of fear to have.

Raw Spoon, 12-16-16

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