All of Science, Now with Purpose

Updated: May 20, 2019

I don’t think Science and Religion are at odds with each other. I think God could have used the Big Bang and evolution to get us where we are.

But what religion does for science is give it all purpose. What is the point of all this spinning matter and energy?

For me, Religion tells me that this web of synapses and garment of skin are meant for something. Somebody wants this bag of skin and bones to be here. Someone built these hands to pet dogs and peel oranges. And to hold my brothers’ babies. And these ears to hear the voice of my father on the phone. He gave me these strange and intricate gelatin eyeballs to take in the beautiful way the power lines swoop over the hill, through the perfect canal carved through the trees beside the highway, fading into the distance of the gray twilight. And to feel small. And to feel loved.

What is the use of this spinning ball of beauty, if none of it has a purpose? Religion, despite all its ugly politics and everything we’ve made it, gives us a purpose.

Please share your moments of beauty. And what makes it hard for you to believe.

Raw Spoon, 4-26-14


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