Be You but the Best You

I feel a huge push from Hollywood to be myself and not to let anyone hold me back. And because it’s such a strong message I think we are in danger of thinking that anyone who holds me back from doing what I want to is probably “oppressive,” “old fashioned,” and/or “fear-driven” (all trigger words btw).

I think finding our true self really is the best thing to do but we should distinguish the different parts of ourselves as being good parts or bad parts. If I want to watch TV all day, that’s probably not the me that I should be fostering just because it’s the me I’m most gravitated to being.

So there is a careful distinction, and a wise balance.

All our momentary impulses and lusts are probably not the truest “me” Hollywood is talking about. I think the truest me that Hollywood and God want us to find is our passions and skills and how the way our mind and personality work. What we care about. What corner of the world we feel drawn to be a part of and to give ourselves to.

We should strive to be truly us, but be the BEST us we can be. We can see the “me” that isn’t very good and do what we can to make it a servant to the better parts of us. And if there is a way to use that impulse or inclination for good, then bring it out at that time.

I just see the pendulum swinging and I want to save us the trouble of maybe going too far.

Raw Spoon. 5-31-17


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