Chew Me up Good

I hold the little cracker dipped in grape juice in my hand. I imagine little pieces of blood and flesh like this were torn from his body.

For people like me.

By people like me.

I take my little piece and mash it in my mouth like one of them. And I consume Him, like He were just another one of the people He knows I will use to sate my own hungers in this petty power pageant called life.

But it’s because He’s commanded me to do so. It’s like He wants me to realize my own selfishness. For some reason He wants me to keep crushing him, over and over, every bite, every Sunday.

And it turns out the joke is on me.

By your obedience, He says, I’ve snuck into your body. Through this you will see my limitless grace and that I forgive you for twisting that little heart I gave you and for hurting all of us. And then I will begin to transform you from the inside out. You’re in for more than you thought you agreed on. And you’ll become more than you have imagined. Your reservoir of love which is easily emptied right now will become limitless like mine.

Raw Spoon


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