Dummy Prophecy

Sometimes when people try to prophecy over me it just sounds dumb and false.

And it makes me think this is all a sham.

For example, someone was praying with me the other day and told me, “I felt the Lord tell me to tell you that you don’t have to do anything to earn God’s love.”

And I thought, “That’s nice and all but I’ve heard that message like hundreds of times before in church. It just sounds like you’re trying so hard to hear from God that you sludge up something from your subconscious and offer me the best you come up with.”

And I doubt it’s from God.

But, I guess if I’m fair, that doesn’t mean that God isn’t real, or that he doesn’t speak through people sometimes. And if He does speak it will probably be through those types of people because they are trying so hard to listen.

And really, it would be a pretty bad reason to give up on my faith.

And now that I’m removing my grumpy pants and skeptical spectacles, I guess I could see how the message, “You don’t have to earn god’s love” still really IS important for me to hear hundreds of times.

See, I’ve been working REALLY hard on writing another novel and I seem to be making so little progress that I’m going to look like father Christmas if I ever get done (I’ve committed to not cutting my hair or my beard until I get the draft done). And knowing that God loves me, whether I finish it or not, gives me tremendous freedom to trust him with it and simply do my best every day.

Even if the girls will never quite love this bird’s nest beard like He does.

Raw Spoon, July 8, 2013


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