Elusive Prince

My dear friend Paige texted me a picture of a stunning sunset peeking between the tall buildings of Atlanta tonight. She said, look at “the sunset God painted for me.”

And I was reminded how God is like our elusive prince, sneaking around our captor’s castle, secretly slipping us lavish gifts, as big as the sky on all sides, even while the devil is trying to kill him, and beat them all down before they get to us. But he often stops them before they get to us by making us busy, worried or depressed so we can’t see the gifts.

But that’s the only way the enemy can stop them because when he crushes someone’s flowers, a million others are bursting into bloom elsewhere in the world. And he must keep our eyes dark and low because nothing can keep the sky from turning a fireball of raging colors any and every evening of the week. For us.

And all we have to do is look up. He’s there wooing us. Even in this world ruled by a tyrant our future lover is breaking his way in, steadily working his plan to romance and then rescue us.

Raw Spoon


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