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Fire at Notre Dame

Today we mourn the great loss of a magnificent tribute to God. But...

May we use this deep tragedy to remind us to be the temple to each other.

When they asked Jesus for a sign he said “Destroy this temple and I will raise it again in three days.” That was 2000 years ago, in about three days. In a couple days will be good Friday when Jesus’ body, what he referred to as “this temple” was destroyed. (The pharisees thought he meant the actual temple) And three days later he rose to life. And he left us so his spirit could come.

It came in the form of fire, to live in us.

Though fire destroyed a great building, God’s fire hasn’t truly been in the temple for 2000 years.

We are each his temple and the fire wants to blaze in us. The building can be destroyed but we are Christ’s new body and his spirit resides in us. "Did not our hearts burn within us” they said when they were walking with the resurrected Jesus, and did not realize it.

We may be walking or sitting beside Jesus today. For God’s fire resides in this temple, and his temple, and her temple and yours. He is in others. As one temple crumbles may it only remind us to be temples of the Holy Spirit to each other.

Raw Spoon, April, 2019

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