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Funny but still Tragic

We laugh at a lot of things because it lessens the weight of them.

But I’ve realized that to do tragic things because they are funny misses the point all together.

For example, I’m afraid we have become the type of people who will waste our whole weekend watching a TV show. But because we all laugh about it when we tell our friends, and maybe because we cannot find a greater purpose to live for, we waste four more days on the next four seasons.

And maybe you or I laugh at how drunk we got again last night and how our liver is probably drowning, and how we almost hit a pole driving home. We make it funny, and someone laughs with us, and that’s enough permission for us to do it again the next weekend.

I say this humbly, because I am at fault, but also I’m angry. I see myself and my friends giving each other permission to waste our lives. Please forgive me, pray for me, and then fight for me. And I will try to do the same for you.

God, grant me the humor to make light of the things I cannot change, The courage to change the things I can, And the wisdom to know the difference.

Raw Spoon

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