Higher and Lower People

I’ve noticed in myself a very, very deep habit of sizing someone up when I meet them, and determining if they are above or below me. Do I have something to gain from them on a social or professional level, or would I be the giver in this relationship.

At first I scolded myself for thinking this way because our culture says all are equal.

But I mentioned it to a friend and he said, “Well, that is the truth, you know. There are higher and lower people, at least in the way that everybody is either further ahead or further behind on any given path.”

And I realized he’s right. I’ve made the term “equality” way too simple. I do have something either to gain or to give to each person and I can evaluate them appropriately.

But the thing that is much more important to remember is that life is not just about what I can gain from the world, or what I can give to it. Each person has intrinsic worth within themselves, despite whether they can forward my goals or not. And in that respect, everybody is worth treasuring.

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