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How Science Makes Faith Cooler: Part 1

Genesis 1:31-32 says, “God saw everything that he had made, and indeed, it was very good. And there was evening and there was morning, the sixth day.” According to the Bible the whole earth and the life on it was created in six days.

But science keeps digging up evidence through radiometric dating, and geo-fossil records that consistently date the world to be over 5 billion years old.

We can let these sharp tools of science cut stripes through the pages of the bible and deflate the Bible. Or we can use this knowledge, engage it with imagination, and then watch it begin to magnify God. Here’s what I mean.

Did you know that science has also found that all time is not the same? Albert Einstein was on a train looking back at the ticking hands of a clock tower when he came up with his initial ideas on the theory of relativity. This theory basically describes how time lengthens and shortens depending on how fast you are moving.

Years later, Dr. Russell Humphreys (physicist at Sandia National Laboratory) had an idea. He did the calculations and discovered that while these 5 and a half billion years passed on our planet as it throttled outward, there was a place near the center, which, for that whole time, only felt the passing of 6 days.

So maybe the earth did form over millions of years. But that was from our time frame. From God’s vantage point it only took six days.

This is one way that applying imagination to science helps us see how what happened in the Bible is way cooler and way deeper than we knew. The Bible might have just helped us reverse engineer to find the center of the universe.

Raw Spoon, 2-21-17



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