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How to defeat Anger

What makes you mad? traffic jams? Your wife making you late to a party? When the thing you’re building keeps falling apart?

I think that Anger manifests when something gets in the way of something we want to do.

I want to drive to work and get there on time.  BUT ALL THESE CARS WON’T GET OUT OF THE WAY!

I want to get to the surprise birthday on time, BUT BETTY KEEPS CHANGING HER OUTFIT!

I want this patio deck to be sweet and sturdy, BUT THE BOARDS KEEP CRACKING!

There are ways to manage this anger (about which there are many books I assume) and there is a way to pull rug out from under it altogether.

To do that you must understand that i get mad when something gets in the way of something i want to do.  So to avoid the anger, just temporarily stop wanting that thing.

I WANT TO GET THERE ON TIME! UGGH! but i can’t do anything about it so I’ll stop caring and the frustration just disappears.

HURRY FREAKIN UP, BETTY! WE’RE GOING TO SPOIL THE WHOLE PARTY!  Well you can avoid the anger by ignoring the urgency of the surprise party, but that might still ruin the party.  I don’t have any advice for that.  But you can tell the other guests how to stop being mad at you.

And for that deck that keeps cracking, for a minute just tell yourself cracked boards are so beautiful and the anger will disappear.  then with a level head maybe you can figure out how to fix it.  Good luck.

Raw Spoon

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