Make Dad Smile

What God wants our lives to look like is probably pretty close to what any good parents would want it to.

Not necessarily looking religious- by wearing crosses, shirts with fishes on them, and Toby Mac pasted all over your gear. I think He wants you to be the healthiest, most level-headed, most passionately alive person that you can be- just like any good mom and dad would want for their child.

I think even Toby Mac would rather have that for his kids.

Raw Spoon


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"I can't tell you how moved I was with what you did. Your demeanor, skill, the videos, everything from the slight movements, and the cadence. It was so amazing."

         -Jeff Vanderlaan, board of the Association of College Ministries


"Ross's work helped resolve some of my biggest questions of faith."
-Paul W., Wichita, Kansas