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NonProfit Atlanta

Maybe you're looking for a city with a thriving nonprofit scene. Atlanta is definitely one of

those. Or maybe you already live in the "ATL" and you are looking for some cool Atlanta nonprofit organizations to get plugged into? Or maybe COVID has positioned you to look for a new job so now you're finally ready to look for nonprofit jobs in Atlanta. Or lastly, maybe you just want to see a snapshot of a few of the feet on the ground do-gooder projects just getting started, whether nonprofits or not.

Whatever the case, first I'll give you a list of the big nonprofit orgs based in Atlanta. Then I'll list a few of the lesser known orgs/projects. (including the project of the printer of the shirt above)

The Big Atlanta Nonprofits

Some of the local bigger nonprofit organizations (that would be the ones likely supplying jobs and sometimes known around the nation) are listed below. They include orgs fighting against domestic violence, substance abuse, homelessness, illness and much more.

First, is a great site which lists many of them and can be filtered by categories. That would be a great place to start. And they can supply you with a greater list than I could. But I've highlighted a few from that list so you don't have to scroll through it.

American Cancer Society

American Cancer Society. I do Graphic Recording and have been lucky enough to record meetings and events for some great organizations. The American Cancer Society is one of those that I've worked with and have friends that have worked there. All great experiences for a great cause.


CARE is a humanitarian effort dedicated to fighting world poverty and social injustice.

Atlanta Mission

Atlanta Mission helps the homeless. I've also gotten to work with them and have friends who have volunteered and worked for them as well. They're fantastic.

Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity builds homes for those in need.

Kate's Club

Kate's Club helps kids after a death of a parent.

And there are plenty more big ones.

Lesser-known Do-gooder orgs and projects

If you want a sampling of cool do-gooder orgs/projects besides the big ones that are likely to come up on a Google search, try the following. Some of them might just be a cool do-gooder project, or a movement not even officially a nonprofit yet, or at all. I put out a call for cool do-gooder projects in the best organization that helps do-gooders that I know of here in Atlanta. It is a group called Plywood People. They empower startup organizations and individuals doing good. And so here are just a few of the projects being done.

Plywood People

First I want to feature Plywood People itself. They make resources available for doers doing good. They organize conferences, monthly talks, programs to help walk startups through their development, and they even just opened a bigger location in West End where all of this can happen. This new location is called Plywood Place.

They say "We want to be known by the problems we solve." Check them out if you want to get your pulse on the rest of the do-gooder startups in Atlanta!

Grow Restored- Story Groups

Grow Restored is a nonprofit that provides access to affordable counseling for individuals and mental health resources to help organizations doing good around the world.

Their latest project is called "Story Groups." Story Groups are free group counseling sessions, led by a licensed professional, especially for people struggling with the consequences of COVID-19.

We could all use a little bit more connection right now. But if you know someone who especially needs this, even if they're not in Atlanta, send them the link to these virtual sessions!

World Peace Connection

The mission of World Peace Connection is to develop a community of servant-leaders who aspire to create positive change around the world. Dane and Chari are social influencers that organize events and mobilize people to become their best selves and help the world by leveraging what inspires each individual.

Sometimes this takes the form of traveling around the world with a sign that says "What inspires you most about life and living?" They then use these answers as a way to gather learnings and connections to share with the rest of their community. They also facilitate safe spaces (at least before social distancing) for people to come together for a time of respectful discussion, of sharing their stories, and creative community building exercises. Also check out their very cool instagram presence chronicling their adventures across the world.

The World's Corner

The World's Corner's mission is to connect conscious consumers and women artisans around the world to help preserve traditional crafts while helping communities thrive. Their founder, Patricia Chourio grew up in Venezuela appreciating the arts, and then spent a couple years in SouthEast Asia working on development. That gave her the skills and passion to help minority women artisans gain a market in the US.

After all, what modern woman do you know wouldn't think a stylish, cultural, responsibly sourced and manufactured accessory should be a part of their wardrobe.

Just for Funds

We know that one of the industries hit hard by the COVID-19 shut downs is restaurants. So the creators at Just For Funds put together a running list of bars and eateries around Atlanta (and San Fran and Chicago for that matter) and how their fans and well-wishers can donate to them.

That favorite Pho place needs help right now so it will still be there when we're released from our homes!

Tandem Quilting

Tandem Quilting was started by Elizabeth Beck. Her organization hires refugee women to quilt people's custom stories into quilts. She does this by often quilting cloth memorabilia or clothes of loved ones into the quilt to be a long-lasting presence of those memories, people and stories.

Recently they also started creating face masks. So if you want to support a good cause AND help curb the spreading of COVID-19, check them out here!


Biblingo is helping people learn Biblical languages (Greek and Hebrew) by teaching them through contextual videos. They apply recent findings on learning to minimize the time it takes to learn, while maximizing retention.

It's great for curious people with normal jobs who they need to learn it fast and in a fun way.

Baron Press

And since I scalped the image of a T-shirt from my friend David Broughton's Atlanta fundraiser, I should definitely give him a shoutout. He runs Baron Press and they invited artists to submit designs that could be sold on T-shirts to support small businesses.

Every t-shirt that is sold generates $10 to the local business of the buyer's choice. So if you want to look good and artsy, support local businesses, and get a chance to connect with one of the coolest dudes I know, click over to Baron Press' fundraiser page .

This is a project that I, personally, am super excited about because I think it will help me vote more often and vote better! Walter Ley and his team at have put together a website that will tell you info on all the candidates to vote for on your ballot. You simply enter your address and it gives you a side by side comparison of each candidate as well as a quick podcast! The podcast tells about the office you're voting for, lets the candidates speak for themselves, and then wraps up with any other relevant tidbits.

Teen Writing Challenge

If you haven't yet discovered YayFinder, and you are trying to find things to keep your kids busy, look no further. YayFinder gives activities school aged kids can do at home.

One of those projects was started by Alex Ro. She started Teen Writing Challenge. So if your kids are between 13 and 17 years old, are getting restless, and have any interest in creative writing, click here.

Thank you Do-Gooders!

Thanks to all the people in Atlanta doing good. Of course we immensely appreciate all the essential workers putting themselves at risk to keep our cities running. But another big thank people like those listed above who are helping Atlanta people stay employed, masked, educated, stylish, and even staving off boredom.

We salute you.

-Raw Spoon



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