Philosophy: 5th Dimension

We live in 4 dimensions.  we can manipulate the three dimensions of space but are at the mercy of the fourth dimension, time.

To understand what it is like to live in the fifth dimension, picture a book.

This book covers the birth and death of every kingdom and every blade of grass and everything that anyone ever observed between the first and last words of the book.  The possibility for infinite distances is there, but just not the time to observe it (that’s how infinity can exist between the covers of the book).

Ok, now picture someone who not only had the ability to write everything in that story but also had the ability to flip back and forth from the last page to the first (even with an eraser perhaps).  This means that this being can manipulate all of our four dimensions.  Although it may live at the mercy of a fifth, which, itself, could be the pages of a book, which could be written by someone in the sixth.  And so on.

Physicists say there are multiple dimensions above the four that we know.  I doubt that God lives inside any one of them because someone had to create them.  But it seems, at the very least, he is able to manipulate our four.

Physicists also say that if you traveled at the speed of light, time would stand still.  If you were light, you could travel to the earth and bring it light and life without ever being at the mercy of time.  Isn’t it interesting that God uses light as a metaphor for himself?

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