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Glorious Fear of Sex

At a conference on ‘Sex and Singleness’ the other day, I heard some provoking thoughts.

Sometimes, as abstinent singles when we find ourselves getting close to sex it feels like a dark and forbidden house that everybody told us to stay out of. It’s so hard not to press the boundaries and try to find ways to poke our heads in without actually trespassing. Because after all who’s there to stop us, and we just want to so badly.

But what if instead, when we found ourselves being drawn in, we stopped short, stood side by side, and simply admired it for its beauty. Like seeing the Taj Majal through a break in the clouds and letting it stop us in our tracks. And what if we saw that burning desire awakened in our hearts as something so beautiful we want to cherish it as well.

And what if this admiration of sex from a safe distance can help us understand what it’s like to fear God. The adoring type of fear because something is so beautiful and powerful that instead of wanting to take its beauty for our own gain, we were content to bask in its radiance, until invited inside when we’re finally ready.

Raw Spoon

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