That's Very You of You

A friend told me they liked my new watch the other day.

It’s just a $23 dollar thing that’s black, has a sleek rubber band, has thin gold-ish hands on the analog part and just one strip of a LCD readout at the bottom.

I responded by telling my friend how cheap the thing was and they said, “Well, I like it. It’s very you.”

I looked down at my watch today as I stepped out of the shower and thought, “You know? I think that was a very good compliment.”

Whether the watch is cool or not, isn’t it awesome to have someone affirm you for being you, and something as recognizably you? Like, someone recognized that we’re living into who God has uniquely made us to be instead of conforming to what society, and peer pressure, and the unthinking way out, tells us we should be.

Of course this goal to be truly me needs to be balanced with the slight modification of “I want to be the BEST me I can be.” Because there is a very bad version of me that I can become and it would be patently me as well. But when someone thinks I’m going in the right direction by saying they like something about me, and that it is exactly me, that’s an indicator I’m living into God’s dream for me.

And that’s the best dream for me.

Raw Spoon, 9-1-16

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