Undercover Eyes

So I have this work study which helps me pay for seminary. I shelve books in the school library. And at the beginning of the job I told myself,

“Ya know, I wonder what it would feel like to do a job for the sake of doing it well, not for the sake of how much praise I’ll get.”

I didn’t think anybody would ever know it if I did a crappy job or a good job shelving these books because there are so many other work study shelvers coming right behind me doing the same things. Plus I’m in work study. I can’t really get fired either way.

But just now one of the part time librarians told me, “I just want to tell you, the head librarian just told me that out of all the other work study folks the shelves look the nicest after you are done.”

Wow. Maybe there is someone watching everything I do. What if it is what we do when we think no one else is looking that will be our judge. I know all that Jesus forgiveness stuff that will keep me from getting “fired.” But will he tell me, well done.

I guess then I’ll have to answer for all the books I probably left out of order because I was too busy making them look straight.

Raw Spoon, 2-1-16


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