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Why Science Makes Faith Cooler: part 3

Genesis 1 describes how God spoke the world into being and carefully set it’s parts into motion by His word.

Science has answered the question of the Earth’s origin with the Big Bang. The Big Bang, of course, is the idea that this universe started when an infinitesimal point of energy exploded into the matter that now flies outward. And it seems like the theory of the Big Bang is being constantly reinforced by science’s observations of the movements in outer space.

Now, let me tell you about E=mc2, Einstein’s most famous contribution to science. It is a mass to energy conversion ratio. It basically describes that Energy can be converted to matter but the amount of energy that must be used to create a certain amount of matter is that amount of matter times the speed of light, after you square the speed of light. C is a lot. Light covers 299,792,458 meters in every second. C squared is a lot a lot. An atomic bomb is the reverse of this process. It converts a single atom back into the energy that created it. Hopefully that gives you an idea of how much energy goes into creating each atom.

Okay, hold that E=mc2 in your mind and let me tell you real quick about String Theory. As I understand it, it basically explains that all the matter in the universe, and the gravity that holds it together, are described by the frequency of tiny vibrating strings (they say ‘strings’ because that is geometry we can picture).

Well, do you remember how the Bible says God spoke the universe into existence by his word? Like, a vibration in the air? What if God first existed with a bunch of spiritual energy (the realm of angels and sprits might still exist in that realm of energy). And he compacted a bunch of it together so that it would become mass (remember how much energy God would have sacrificed to make each of our particles- he really cares about us!). And then he spoke into it and the huge bang of vibrations burst the whole ball apart and animated all the different strings at unique frequencies natural to each. And the different frequencies resonating through all the building blocks of matter coming together give its parts the unique characteristics we see today.

That physical world filled with a whole, beautiful array of things resonating with unique beauty is what we are left with, and experience every day.

I doubt any of this is exactly right, but seeing correlations with the ancient Bible and modern science brings it MORE life and gets me excited at the possibilities.

Raw Spoon, 3-9-17


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