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Singleness... just get sh*t done

If you're single like me, and especially during COVID sheltering, life can feel incredibly heavy sometimes. Longing for past relationships, or just for someone's hand to hold as you enjoy a sunset or watch a movie.

Sometimes the feeling meets me the moment I wake up and I have to be careful how I handle it. This morning I woke up and immediately went on a 2 hour walk/run. For the first 2/3 of it I was weighted by these waves of woe.

This morning I realized, I've spent so many hours and in fact years letting it bring me down! And I asked myself, how can I redeem all these years and feelings and turn them into something constructive.

And I realized we have a very unique opportunity being single. We can do far more things than if we had a partner to consider. How many things can I make, places can I go, traits I can embody, experiences to pursue because I'm free and agile?

So at that 2/3 point in my walk, I told myself to do this when the longing tries to take me down. I validate and honor the feeling for what it is, affirm that it may be fulfilled in its due time, and then I will repeat this mantra, "but until then I will think up cool sh*t and make it. I'll think up cool sh*t and do it. I will think up cool sh*t and become it.”

I want to buy a tiny house. I want to refine my lifestyle to be the healthiest I can be. I want to do hard internal and spiritual work on myself. I want to integrate into multiple online communities and gain wisdom and friends from all of them. I want to write stories, make art, and animate the lessons I learn through all of this So I can give it to others.

Think up cool sh*t and make it, my friends. Think up cool sh*t and do it. Think up cool Sh*t and be it.

And I bet living life with that much vigor, purpose, and creativity is far more likely to bring that partner to us, anyway.

Our only limits are our creativity and bravery... and that you'll probably have to do it with a COVID mask on.



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