Solution to Anger

What usually makes me angry is when something willingly gets in the way of what I’m trying to get accomplished. I’m trying to get somewhere and the traffic is just doing it’s best to hold me back. Or the idiocy of the software engineers are willingly trying to delay my project. I think this is maybe why people get so jazzed when people cut them off in traffic. It’s other people delaying your destination by pushing themselves in between.

At least all that’s what I find myself thinking until I check myself.

I was reading in Mark 4 again, this time where Jesus says “Why are you afraid? Don’t you have faith?” And he speaks the waves and stormy winds down. They were afraid what they were just trying so hard to do (stay alive and perhaps help Jesus get somewhere) was about to be thwarted by the weather.

And I realized maybe that’s my solution as well. “Why are you afraid you won’t accomplish it, Ross? Just have faith!” He holds my future. He dictates the success of my endeavors. He manages my relationships with the people I’m a little late to see.

I think that would help when I get angry. Next time I’m at a stoplight, muttering under my breath about intersection engineers, I think I should remember not to worry. Just do the best I can and trust God with the results.

Raw Spoon, 12-6-18


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