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STORY: Scar Talks to His Creator

Irene found herself sitting on a cliff overlooking a high African plane.

"I've been meaning to talk to you." She turned and saw an animated lion walking up behind her. She was dreaming. And this was the character "Scar" she had created for the 1994 hit Disney film The Lion King. He was slanky and a scar cut across one of his dark-rimmed eyes.

"Why did you create me like this?" Scar's voice was bitter. "I've always been a jealous brother. You know I can't help but hate those in power over me."

Irene smiled a knowing smile. She patted the ground beside her and looked out at the sunny planes. Scar resentfully pulled up next to her and sat. Irene's eyes drifted to the dark part of their kingdom, the elephant graveyard and she finally spoke.

"You know who you were based off of?"

Scar was silent.

"I always envied my older brother. He was really good at basketball and was popular. I didn't have any friends but I was smarter. When I was 15 I dared him to ride his bike off of a jump I had made because I knew he couldn't resist a challenge. He broke his leg and he could no longer play basketball. No one ever caught on that that was my plan all along."

"Hmm, that does sound familiar," Scar's voice was slow and pensive.

"I'm the moody and jealous one in my family. I still don't have many friends. I'm the vindictive one and I wish I weren't, but for whatever reason God has made me that way."

There was silence for a long time. And then Scar said, "Well making me this way did make for a story more people watched."

"It sure did." Irene replied. "$763 million initial release. Academy awards. Theatrical play. A remake that made more than any other animated film to date."

Scar said, "That's a lot of people that hate me."

"I know," Irene said, thinking about herself. "Maybe we'll always struggle with our demons. That's just the way we're built. But maybe what the easy-going, oblivious people think of us isn't so important. I know who you are. I know you more intimately than anyone does."

"Maybe," Scar mumbled, also very deep in thought. He lay down next to Irene, now almost touching her. She put her hand on Scar's boney back. They sat in silence together looking over the vast landscape, at the diversity of color. Of the eaters and the eaten. Of the light areas and the dark. They sat there together in silence until the sun set.


Sometimes it doesn't seem fair that some people have an easy life and others of us just seem to struggle. We've been hurt and we hurt others. Or maybe we've had a good childhood, but we have demons that won't let go. Like everyone, we should try and be our best, but perhaps God uses us just the way we are for his great story and his great glory.

There are a couple characters in the Bible that God hardens so that through them He can show himself great. One is Pharaoh, and another is Saul. He made them stubborn and moody and uses them both to point eyes to himself and what he wants to do for the world.

Raw Spoon, 1-28-2021

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